Gracenote Dynamic Eq

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Gracenote Unveils Data-Driven Tech to Boost Sound Quality in Cars In its deep desire and dedication to help drivers and passengers get the most out of their music listening experience on every road trip, Gracenote has recently premiered a new technology for carmakers that automatically adjusts the equalizer settings in car audio systems for the song being played. The revolutionary Gracenote Dynamic EQ™ will employ the company’s industry standard music recognition technology and musical datasets to recognize a song and automatically fine-tune the audio system for the best possible playback for every unique track. It is the first in a series of improved audio technologies from Gracenote that is designed to boost the sound quality in the car. Drivers of today are able to listen to every song recorded across every…show more content…
He noted that the launch of Gracenote Dynamic EQ marks the first time that Gracenote or any other company, has employed track level descriptive metadata to drive the musical experience's quality. "The benefit for automakers is far and wide, helping them maximize the sound experience for high-end systems in luxury vehicles, as well as making audio systems in sub-compacts shine." Gracenote Dynamic EQ works like a personal audiophile that tweaks the car's audio system for every song played. If the driver is listening to a Biggie or Tupac song, the technology recognizes the track and certain Hip Hop attributes for the song and adjusts the EQ settings by pumping up the bass and pulling back the treble. Meanwhile, a country song just like Taylor Swift's will automatically activate a different suite of EQ settings based on the Pop Vocal nature of the song boosting the midrange where the vocals are present and high-end to add sparkle and
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