Graduation Speech : A Writer At The Beginning Of My College Career

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As a writer at the beginning of my college career, when I sit down to ignite my writing process, the preliminary step varies depending on the formality and audience at hand. In an informal setting, I often begin causally, jotting down ideas on a piece of paper or in a journal. Typically it ends up being a long paragraph of running ideas and tangents regarding different occurrences and topics. When faced with a prompt or formal writing, I like to first analyze the topic and determine the purpose of the instructed writing. Once the points and guidelines are clear and a general topic surfaces, I begin to narrow it down and create at least three main points from which I can construct my thesis. The majority of the time, I push my introduction off until the end, and begin writing my body paragraphs based on individual subtopics. My prewrite within the subtopics is fairly brief; usually, I list two or three concrete details on which I can elaborate. After writing my commentary to each concrete detail, I return to add in transitions and double-check my diction and syntax. Once my body paragraphs are complete, I work to restate my thesis and ideas into a conclusion, and brainstorm a clever introduction hook. My personal formal writing process is complete with its final stage once I sit and read my paper aloud in order to improve wording and over looked grammar mistakes.
Regardless of age, education level, experience, or major, each individual can always improve in the aspect of

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