Graduation Speech - Initial Experience

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Initial Experience Since my presentation was only in front of three people I was not nervous, which was an amazing feeling. Not once did I lose my train of thought and I felt so much more confident than I usually do during presentations. It was a great experience for me, I hope that I can learn to feel as confident in large groups as I do in small groups. My group was very warm and welcoming. I did not feel rushed or as though I was boring them to death. I found that they were actually very interested in the article I selected to review and began asking questions before I got to my discussion questions. One of my group members gave me a compliment stating that I have a warm and soothing voice that will one day help my client feel at ease …show more content…

This self-disclosure from each group member gave us insight and validated the sense of universality, because we learned that we are not alone in fearing that we will not be good enough. Maybe all graduate students in this program feel that way at some point in time, maybe it is just the four of us, or maybe it is just group members in the seminar class. Regardless, I feel that processing this experience helped boost our self-esteem as counselors in training. This installation of hope might help me in the future to accept compliments without doubting myself. I can see why self-disclosure is therapeutic in group therapy. Experiencing and understanding it is so different from reading it out of a textbook. The group member that initially offered me the compliment felt a sense of altruism, by helping me process my response and self-disclosure she also learned something new that was a benefit for her as well. I think it is amazing to see the formation of the therapeutic factors, not in any particular order as there is no preset sequence, but it was not what I initially expected form this class. I expected to read, write, and listen to a lecture not actually experience the things I read about. I was not sure about what kind of topic I should have chosen, so I decided not to choose anything to do with a particular type of group or disorder. Instead, I opted to review something new so that we

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