Graduation Speech - Initial Experience

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Initial Experience
Since my presentation was only in front of three people I was not nervous, which was an amazing feeling. Not once did I lose my train of thought and I felt so much more confident than I usually do during presentations. It was a great experience for me, I hope that I can learn to feel as confident in large groups as I do in small groups. My group was very warm and welcoming. I did not feel rushed or as though I was boring them to death. I found that they were actually very interested in the article I selected to review and began asking questions before I got to my discussion questions.
One of my group members gave me a compliment stating that I have a warm and soothing voice that will one day help my client feel at ease while discussing his/her concerns or reasons for seeking therapy. I would not say that I have a problem taking compliments in general, but when it comes to my counseling career I am always astonished. I expressed my feelings to the group about the compliment. I sense that being a counselor is my calling, because I genuinely want to help people learn how to be able to cope with everyday life, make better decisions, and develop better interpersonal skills. I fear that I will not be good enough that I will not be an effective counselor, so when I get a compliment I feel hopeful like “yes, maybe I do have what it takes and maybe I will be successful in helping others!” Shifting to a here and now focus I found that I not only confirmed that we…

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