Graduation Speech : My Life

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Looking back at all I’ve accomplished through out my K-12 years I’ve realized it’s taught me so much about life. In elementary I was taught my manners while incorporating basic subjects such as math, reading, writing, etc. I can remember how prestigious nap times were and the little snack breaks I used to have during class. Those days were the best days. My first academic success actually came in the third grade when I was on the honor roll all four quarters of the school year. I didn’t think being on the honor roll was such a big deal until I received my first certificate. I felt so privileged to have received that honor and truth be told I loved every second of it. The proud looks on my parents face really put the icing on the cake. I believe to this day that’s what got me so motivated to excel in my academics. With the help of my friends and family the hard work I put in truly paid off. Then came the next step middle school. I was taught to manage seven classes preparing me for high school. Middle school was tough at first having to adapt to the system but after a while it all came to me. In the sixth grade I achieved my first straight A honor roll. Achieving something like that doesn’t come easy and the support from my classmates wasn’t always the greatest. My peers envied me for always receiving higher marks than them on any assignment we were given. It was so bad they resorted to bullying me to try to put me at their level. It hurt at first but then you soon

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