Graduation Speech : Life Long Learning

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Life Long Learning Over my first semester of college, my learning grew in a few areas. The greatest amount of growth was found in changing and learning, resilience, critical curiosity, and meaning making. Each of the sections I grew in are easily linked to my interest and attention paid to classes. The change between high school and college means a change between generalized courses to major specific courses. Choosing a major the interests me allowed for my learning to grow, because my new classes were interesting to me as well. Students with a high interest in learning had overall better attitudes towards school and grades (Learning for Tomorrow 's World 411). My switch from generalized high school courses to major specific courses, increased my interest in learning.
Major specific classes helped me to change my learning techniques because my classes are more enjoyable. Classes in high school are generalized and chosen for me by guidance counselors. Most classes are required whether or not I am in interested in the subject, even if it isn’t necessary for my future. There are only a few options when it comes to alternative subject matter; this makes the material in generally more plain and less interesting to study for. When I switched to major specific courses, I noticed a shift in learning habits. All of the classes I had were interesting and fun to focus on. Studying for classes that interest me comes a lot more naturally, which improved many of my grades. When I noticed

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