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It was an ordinary day when Taylor woke up for school. She went into her normal morning routine; wake up at 7:25 and be in the shower by 7:35 and out of the shower by 7:45. Afterwards she would get dressed, grab some breakfast and be out the door by 7:52 so she could make it to school by 7:57. Once she was at the school, she kept to herself. She was a shy girl, didn’t like to speak in class, just really liked to read. That’s how she spent most of her time when she wasn’t in class or eating. School for her was a nightmare. She was a bright student and did well in all of her classes, she just didn’t like the social jungle it was. She didn’t belong to a group and everyone knows that if you didn’t fit in you were made fun of. When she entered the school, she looked around at the different groups of people. There were the popular kids, the ones who play sports and cheerleading. She considered them to be the lions of the school because they run the social part of school. Then there were the sloths, these are the kids who you can obviously tell are on some sort of drug and are moving so slow that sometimes you have to push them out of the way to get to class on time. As she looked around at all the other groups, she wondered if she was ever going to find a group of her own one day. She needed a group of people who didn’t like to talk to other people, who liked to read, and whose parents were disappointed in them. Taylors’ parents had 4 children. Elizabeth was the oldest, she
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