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Introduction(History of GP).

The right and contemporary use of technology is the key to the progress of a nation. Keeping this in mind, Grameenphone always brings the future proof technology in order to facilitate your progress.
The possibilities in this new world are immense and someone as bright as you should not be behind in anyway. At the end of the day, all the individual progresses accumulate to the progress of the beloved motherland.
Grameenphone promises you to bring the best of communication technologies so that you can Go Beyond.
Our Mission:
Leading the industry and exceed customer expectations by providing the best wireless services, making life and business easier
Our Vision:
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Threat of subtitutes, 4. threat of new entrants, and 5. rivalry among competitors.

1.Bargaining power of Buyers: There are six mobile telecoms operators in Bangladesh and they offer almost homogenous services which has low switching costs between operators and thus has provided buyers with extremly high bargaining power.The bargaining power in this company is very high, with the exception of remote area customers who have no alternative network available in their vicinity.

2.Bargaining power of Supplyers: Allthe mobile operators other than teletalk have international identity and have experience to work global platform.The bargaining power of suppliers in the mobile industry varies depending on the brand name and strategic importance of the supplies as well as the size of the company, such as Ericsson and Nokia siemens in the mobile telecom machinery industry

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