Grammar translation method

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The Grammar Translation Method
The Grammar translation method, or classical method started when people wanted to read literature written in the target language. Its focus was on grammatical rules, the memorization of vocabulary and of various declensions and conjugations, translations of texts, doing written exercises.
Rules of grammar, not the language itself, are all important. Verb declensions are set out tables, vocabulary lists to be learned, leading to translation from mother tongue into target language and vice-versa. There is little or no attention to pronunciation.
The learner would acquire the skill of translating in writing from L2 to L1 and vice versa. Speaking the foreign language will play a very little part in the …show more content…

The Audiolingual Method is based on:
Speaking and listening competence preceded reading and writing competence.
The development of language skills is a matter of habit.
Students practice particular patterns of language through structured dialogue and drill until response is automatic.
The printed word must be kept away from the second language learner as long as possible. There is dependence on imitation, memorization of set phrases, and overlearning. Structures are sequenced by means of contrastive analysis taught one at a time. Structural patterns are taught using repetitive drills. There is little or no grammatical explanation. Grammar is inductive Great importance is attached to pronunciation.. Success responses are immediately reinforced.
Very little use of the mother tongue by teacher is permitted
Dialogues are the basic form of materials in the Audiolingual method. The dialogue serves three functions: a) illustrates the target structure; b) illustrates the situation the structure may be used; c) provides cultural information for language use wherever possible.
In this method, oral interaction was emphasized in pattern drills, and conversation practices. Desuggestopedia
The suggestive-desuggestive process allows students to go beyond previously held beliefs and self-limiting

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