Grated The Core Values And Mission Of Your Business

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The name of my lemonade stand would be, “Lemon’s Aid” along with the slogan, “When life gives you lemons, make...”. While brainstorming on the name, I took into consideration many of the factors that were called out in our readings and from articles. I wanted a name that would relate to our mission and conjure images of our products when mentioned. Most importantly, I wanted the name to represent our role within the community and the environment as a whole, while still keeping us unique. My hopes are the name "Lemon’s Aid" will convey our mission of being organic, wholesome, and good for the body and soul. Picking a business name will be one of the most important decisions to make. This name will represent your brand and the image your company represents; good, bad, and ugly. The brand will represent the core values and mission of your business. With just mentioning a business name, consumers are forming an opinion on what to expect when purchasing the product. The experience a consumer has with the brand will influence their decision to purchase again, try another product from that brand, and refer to family and friends. Well thought out branding protects you from competitors and provides leverage. When contemplating between products, prior experience with your brand could very well be the deciding factor. In a sea of products, your brand becomes recognizable, and the decision is easy. Consumers rather go with my product, since they already know what to expect. Just the

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