Green Positioning Objective : A Unique Market Positioning

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Green positioning objective is to occupying a distinctive place in the mind of potential consumers, by linking the product value proposition and the brand with the desired outcome that they are expecting. It should be used to pursue a long term unique market positioning in order to differentiate a product from that of competitors. Independently of the selected positioning, it is fundamental that it addresses four variables of green brands, brand equity, brand image, brand satisfaction, and green trust (Chen, 2010), these variables will be key in establishing credibility in order to attract the desired green consumer segment or segments, which according to the National Geographic 2014 Greendex results could be estimated in billions of …show more content…

Lean Green
Lean green strategy focus on the firm becoming socially responsible, by complying with existing regulations, with out the need of a communicating their green initiatives to consumers due to their concern of being differentiated from competitors because of their use of green business practices, as they might not be always sustainable. The main objective of this strategy is to achieve a cost competitive advantage through product development over the rest of competitors, in order to reduce costs through their environmental initiatives. A few examples of the users of this strategy are Budweiser and Coca-Cola, as they have engage in environmental practices by reducing the amount of aluminum in their product cans, and starting recycling programs which helps saving millions of dollars to them each year. However they don’t advertise these green initiatives, due to the fact that linking them to their brand and product could affect them adversely.
Defensive Green
Defensive green strategy focuses on the defensive green marketing approach done by a company through the use of product development, and promotion. The main objective of this strategy is to serve as a damage control tactic to protect the brand against a crisis or competitor’s actions. The company might engage in public relations, advertising, and the use of environmental events sponsoring in a sporadic manner to communicate their green initiatives to green

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