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Introduction: Greggs plc (Greggs) is a UK based bakery products retailing company. Through its subsidiaries, the company produces and retails takeaway foods that include savouries, sandwiches and fresh bakery food products. It also offers health range and regional products with lower fat, calorie and salt quantities. The bakery food products offered by the company comprise pasties and sausage rolls, pies, doughnuts and drinks. It also offers health range and regional products. Greggs operates 1,400 stores across the country and serves approximately six million customers each week. The company is headquartered in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK Strategic Corporate Development History of Greggs Plc: Greggs was a small, local…show more content…
By 1994--a significant year in the company's history--Greggs consisted of more than 500 stores operating in seven regional divisions. The stature of the company at this point was about to increase substantially, providing a fitting tribute to the company's tenth year as a publicly traded concern. In mid-1994, Greggs acquired the retail baking interests belonging to Allied Bakeries Limited. The transaction nearly doubled the size of the company, adding 424 shops and a new brand to the company's portfolio, Bakers Oven. The acquisition of Allied Bakeries added a new dimension to Greggs' business strategy, one that contrasted and complemented the company's operations. Unlike the shops operating under the Greggs banner, the Bakers Oven shops featured in-store bakeries. Rather than assimilate the acquired units into the company's network of large central bakeries that served a cluster of retail shops, Darrington and his management team decided to develop Bakers Oven as a separate brand, a decision that opened new markets for the company's expansion. Through Bakers Oven shops and their in-store bakeries, the company was able to establish a presence in markets with lower population densities than the Greggs units demanded. For the Greggs model of a central bakery serving satellite shops to make financial sense, numerous retail outlets needed to be in close

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