Grokter Case

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To prevent this type of crisis and to become up to date on the copyright laws, we here at Grokster will form a strategic plan. According to Bethel, “Strategic planning, is a process undertaken by an organization to develop a plan for achievement for its overall long-term organizational goals” (Bethel, 2011). However, there is not just one type of planning. The strategic planning process should include a situational analysis. This should include looking at the organizational objectives, and strategies to implement a strategic plan. There are a few main steps for strategic planning. Grokster will first analyze what the company's condition is by forming a SWOT analysis. This is an evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The next step would be to develop a …show more content…

The last thing Grokster will do is implement and evaluate the plan that Grokster has set forth. This will be evaluated by different employees of Grokster, who did not create the plan. The final question will be how does team Grokster prevent this from happening again? We at Grokster will form a crisis management team to define who is in charge, which is responsible, and what are the roles of the team and its employees. Team members will have many different roles but ultimately there is only one man in charge, and that man will be me the CEO. As the CEO, I will take control and lead the Grokster team to greatness, by placing a strategic plan place to prevent another crisis. During our first meeting there should be role playing on every different scenario, on what could happen to prevent a crisis like this, and what kind of impact it's going to have on the company and its stakeholders. According to Crandall, “being more adaptive in a crisis response, the organization may develop a greater resilience and the ability to recover from an unfortunate event such as this (Crandall, 2013,

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