Group Capital : Company And Personnel

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Group Capital: Company and Personnel In an innovative culture, a firm discovers a market void, develops a product or service to fill the gap, and capitalizes on current and future opportunities. Due to market conditions after the Great Recession of 2008, entrepreneur struggled to obtain access to capital and investor tired of less than idyllic returns in their investment portfolio. However, equity crowdfunding offers an innovative approach to a common problem while providing an opportunity to invest in the next Uber or Facebook. Group Capital, a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) registered broker-dealer, intend to leverage their experience as serial entrepreneurs and savvy…show more content…
As a result, our partner’s talents are entrepreneurial, and we have 150 years of leading high performing multi-million dollar businesses. Our team has wide-ranging experience both in the securities industry and in business formation, growth, and operations, bringing rare competence, perspective, and an opportunity to cross-pollinate ideas from different sectors to create intrinsic value for our stakeholders. First, Group Capital will contemplate the tasks and assurances we can provide potential investors. Our market research demonstrates investors focus on three needs transactional efficiency, accuracy, and return on investment (Segment Explorer, n.d.). At Group Capital we have a distinct position because of our broker-dealer license, an investor can reconnoiter a high- quality, vetted deal that has been through our rigorous, due diligence procedure. At the same time, they can appreciate the knowledge and expertise of our team that ensures our listed companies are suitable and qualified. In the event fraudulent business files on our platform, we offer our investors protection by contracting with a national insurance provider. These phases provide an additional level of protection and security, and while others say they undergo this procedure, our license necessitates it. While we cannot promise a return on investment, Group Capital employs an experienced advisory board with varying market
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