Ray White Hotel 's Management Style

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1.0 – Introduction:
This report will discuss and analyse Ray White Hotel’s management style. An interview was conducted with Joint Managing Director, Tony Bargwanna to discuss several factors, which will be assessed in this report. These include, an overview of the organisation, organisational structure, decision making & problem solving, SWOT analysis, management functions including planning, organising, leading and controlling and a final recommendation.

2.0 – Overview of Organisation:
“Ray White Hotels is a new national operation, delivering integrated services for the hotel industry and its investors throughout Australia,” (Ray White Hotels, 2015). Formed in March of 2010, Ray White Hotels is a subdivision of the Ray White Group
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Both Tony and Andrew work with a dedicated team to ensure their advice and research continues to bring highly successful results within the business, aiming for major deals and acquisitions across the country.

3.0 – Organisational Structure:
A hierarchical organisational structure was originally built to create more efficient workers to further improve productivity. The structure is based on a division of labour. It allows a business to select workers needed for each section and specify their needed training, (Hickey, Nader, & Williams, 2011). Ray White Hotels believes its success has come from their constant recruitment of a balanced and sustainable cross-section of experienced personal. In order for this to happen, the business has been split into a hierarchy system (shown in diagram 1). Tony Bargwanna and Andrew Jolliffe are the two managing directors of Ray White Hotels and are therefore at the top of the business hierarchy. As the managing directors work in different offices in Australia, the hierarchy then splits into two. Below Andrew Jolliffe is an executive assistant. The business then splits into sectors. The same is done at Tony Bargwanna’s office. Below Bargwanna is a COO (chief operating officer) and a bookkeeper. The business is then split into further sectors. Ray White Hotel’s organisational structure allows their workers to become specialists in the areas they work, overall improving the production and the business as
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