Group Therapy Research Paper

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Hello, to be honest, I believe groups are increasing due to peoples need for comfort and safety in knowing they are not alone in something they are concerned about. Being a part of a group gives individuals a sense of belonging as though they are not the only ones and they are not some crazy person going through something because they're different than everyone else. In a way, I guess i would say it lets people know, whatever they are going through is common, there are many people who go through it, and those who are in the group are able to feel comfort in knowing they have multiple individuals who can grasp a sense of what they are going through and being in the group makes an individual feel as though they have a community of support. …show more content…

I say social media because there are so many instances where individuals are constantly going through issues in their life and have difficulty finding support, comfort, or companionship to share the pain. I've found, when many people are going through something troubling in life, they'll simply post about it on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. i think groups play a large role in this because it has turned into the outlet. I remember when social media was the outlet, where people would go online and have a different personality or identity. Now that social media has become so popular, people are starting to show the social need all individuals need and in many ways, group therapy offers that.
I believe groups are a very useful form of therapy, especially when involving gestalt and person centered into it. Group can be a very productive, supportive, safe, and insightful form of therapy, when a very thorough assessment of each individual has been done before accepting any individual.
I find having a detailed group manual is incredibly useful in the therapy and having homework, challenges, and resources become even more effective when individuals are able to talk about them and how they made them feel with other

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