Growing Phenomenon Of Violence At The Workplace Essay

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Workplace violence is a form of violence that is perpetrated by disgruntled customers, employees or domestic violence that surfaces at a place of work. According to a monograph by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), workplace violence has evolved to include external attacks by terrorists. It shows that workplace violence is an emerging contemporary issue in the society that needs serious attention. Approximately, every year over two million incidents of workplace violence occur in the United States of America (Perline & Goldschmidst, 2004). The workplace violence cost the country 's economy nearly seventy billion dollars annually and over sixty-four billion due to loss of productivity. Workplace violence caught the nation 's attention in the late 1980s, and since then awareness has increased steadily. However, nearly 70 percent of businesses in the United States of America have no policy to address workplace violence. Thus making it difficult for employees to report an imminent danger, they usually seek assistance after the occurrences of the violent acts. According to an article by Morris (2015), the primary causes of workplace violence include psychological, societal, economic, and organizational disparities.
The people who are at a high risk of being attacked during workplace violence are not the employers but the employees because they are the ones who interact with so many people in an organization. Therefore,

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