H.M.S Pinafore Essay

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Executive Summary The purpose of this document is to report the proposed decisions in the planning and administering of the H.M.S Pinafore production activities. I, Francis Vanden Hoven, have been selected as producer of this production. Thus, as producer I have overall responsibility for all aspects of the show. I am expected to plan the show’s major phases, delegate authority to several managers, provide moral support, and ensure that revenues and expenses meet budgeted targets. In knowing these roles and responsibilities I knew it would be best to begin by meeting with people involved that had experience with the Society. I’ve organized the activities as discussed in this meeting and was able to find the critical path, prepare a Gantt…show more content…
Last year’s budget had been $28,000, which I believe will be around the same for this year. Although some paid staff is hired, the Society relies heavily on volunteers in all areas of the production. Most of which are students and about 40% of the cast and crew came from in and around the community. The amount necessary for the fixed costs such as honoraria, theatre shop fees, costumes, and radio and television advertisements totals over $14,000, therefore careful consideration and planning must be done to manage the variable expenses. To better prepare for the tasks ahead I scheduled a meeting with my assistant Deb Carrarro, the costume coordinator Mona Bryden, and the artistic director Elizabeth Van Doorne. Each of the women had experience with similar roles in previous years, making their knowledge vital to the success of this production. After the meeting held on September 5th I put together the information discussed and came up with the following: Statement of Work (SOW) The activities involved to certify the H.M.S Pinafore performance takes place in Talbot Theater from January 13th to January 22nd must be organized and executed in such a way to ensure the best quality production at the best costs possible. A well-developed schedule must be established and followed precisely to guarantee a successful 40th anniversary production for the Society, within the $28,000 budget from the USC. Work Breakdown Structure Table 1 Level Description 1
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