Harmful Effects Of Stress On College Students Essay

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The following technical research essay discusses the harmful effects stress has on college students, the barriers that prevent student in seeking help, and possible solutions that will aid in students achieving higher success in their studies. After introducing the topic, the essay is begun by informing the reader of how stress is developed and giving insight on how stressful situations all begin with deciding that your circumstance is a stressor. Further on the author discusses common stressors that college students face and have difficulty in coping with on their own. The effects of stress are then listed out and barriers on seeking help are found to be a key indicator on why stress seems to be a constant issue. The barriers that were discussed were the stigma of mental and physical illnesses, lack of trust in counselors, lack of easy access to counseling, and the stigma of seeking tutoring. Following these barriers are potential solutions that can aid in reducing the amount of stress student have or preventing them in general.
Keywords: Public stigma, self-stigma, mental illness, barriers, counseling, stress balls, and stress.
Emerging into adulthood comes with many new opportunities and new seasons of life. Early adult years can be very exciting, however, for many individuals it comes with obstacles such as stress (). There is an issue of the effects stress has on students and an even larger issue on the way some students are coping with it. Issues such as

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