Having A Direct Selling Business

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Having a direct selling business (aka network marketing, mlm, affiliate marketing, etc.) can be very rewarding. But you can also lose a ton of money and even frustrate yourself if you fail to do a few simple things. Unfortunately, most direct sellers drop the ball and end up leaving tons of potential for reorders on the table because they are not taking care of the customers they have worked hard to acquire. The good news is you can end the frustration in your business and put yourself on a path of making more money and keep your customers coming back so they are ordering month after month after month. In this article, you will learn 7 simple steps you can take to add value to your local market customer 's buying experience, so they …show more content…

If it does not, do not sell it to them, not even at bargain price. 2. Do Not Compete on Price Competing on price can kill your profits and your business. While prices should be fair, be careful not to fall into discounting your prices just to get the sale. The facts prove that if your price is too low, people wonder why you are charging that tiny amount. Low bargain bin prices often create an image of junk. Remember that people buy from those they know, like, and trust. They will pay a fair price. The key is in your ability and skills to present value to your customer. Never price yourself so low that you cause your customer to think, "what 's the catch?" By offering a higher price, you are instantly creating less skepticism in the mind of your prospect. Now do not misunderstand what is being said here and price too high. Your price must be reasonably fair. Make sure your customer understands the uniqueness of what you offer and never compete on price. Set your price fairly and compete on a level of value. This does not mean not to provide discounts or rewards, but do not make pricing your primary competitive position in your strategy to acquiring customers. 3. Stand Behind What You Sell with a Strong Guarantee Make sure you offer a guarantee to your customers. I see too many direct sellers sell with a clearance no return no refund policy. Having such a policy can prevent

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