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Healthcare managers are sometimes referred to as healthcare administrators and healthcare executives. At the most basic level, the healthcare manager job description is to manage all or part of a healthcare facility (Healthcare Manager Job Description, 2010). A health care manager’s role will vary depending on type and size of the facility they work in. A health care manager in a large hospital may oversee one department but work with several health care managers to ensure that the hospital runs smoothly and evidently. But at a smaller facility a health care manager may oversee the entire facility. The role of health care managers can vary depending on the position. Examples are: Clinical managers, Health information managers, and…show more content…
Productive time represents an employee’s net time on the job. Non-Productive time is where the employee is not on duty but gets paid for time on duty example would be vacation days. Budgets are a very important tool for any business and you must know how to use all the tools to create a budget that is clear, accurate, and relevant. Managers need these tools to better predict volume-related staffing variances. The tools can be quickly incorporated into the daily routine, allowing the managers to make real-time staffing decisions that will improve their ability to remain on budget by reducing staff when volume drops--the key to controlling labor costs (Stevenson, 1999). Health care managers will need to change medical staffing as the landscape of the healthcare industry, including the healthcare workforce, continues to change due to a variety of ongoing or impending forces (Oh, 2010). There are many factors that go into managing staffing. First you must collect all the necessary data for the department like department volumes, hours worked per department including overtime and contract laborers. Department volume can vary and having the trends will help you to understand where additional FTEs may be needed. Hours worked also need to be accounted for in order to utilize the right number of FTE’s to schedule. There are many formulas that can help you determine the numbers of FTEs are need at what

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