Healing Hospital: a Daring Paradigm

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Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm
Steven Z. Beard
Grand Canyon University: HLT-310V(HLT-310V-O102) Spirituality in Health Care
July 7, 2013

Healing hospitals and their relationship to spirituality Healing hospitals require more than just patient care, they require love and compassion with not only a patient but there family as well. A healing physical environment starts with caring for the patients but is also affected by how healthcare staff interacts with families. They believe that by creating a loving, compassionate, and appealing environment it will help the patients and their families get through difficult situations. The three components of a healing hospital are as
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At discharge the prayer group differed significantly on 6 of 26 treatment and outcome variables. They required less ventilation assistance, fewer antibiotics, had fewer cardiopulmonary arrests, fewer episodes of congestive heart failure, and pneumonia, and required fewer diuretics.

Challenges of Creating a healing environment in a traditional hospital A traditional hospital focuses more on getting patients in and out as fast as possible to increase revenue and make money. Traditional hospitals can be very large and crowded, anyone who applies and has the right degree can get a job if their interviewer likes them. This makes it very difficult to create a healing environment Healing means incorporating emotional support to the patient and ensuring that the patient is comfortable. A well prepared patient surrounded by love can from an illness better than a patient offered only medical help. A traditional hospital is set up to provide medical help, they have a lot of advanced equipment and all the new medications but that is not what a healing hospital is about. A traditional hospital is set up to try and cure a patient, Healing is not the same as curing, which is about fixing problems, eradicating disease, and decreasing symptoms. People can be healed even if they are not cured. For example, those with a chronic disease can learn to be at peace despite their condition a person may be cured but not healed. Healing environments are designed to
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