Health Care Administrator Of A Hospital

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Disasters as we know it comes on suddenly without warning, it can happen anywhere, anytime or at any hour. In order to regain control of an event is to be prepared at all times. Often, danger occurs, leaving many lives unprepared for catastrophes or misfortunes. As a Health Care Administrator of a hospital it is important to be prepared at all times, not only is it a duty, but it is the job of the Administrator to ensure the safety of its patients at all times. Therefore, it is the Administrator’s duty to ensure their team is prepared at all times for any and all disasters. Being prepared for each and every incident that arises saves that many more lives. A conversation about Disaster Preparedness led me to speak with Artie Salter. Mr. Salter is a Fireman/Emergency Medical Technician, who has been an active for the more than 17 years at the Charleston County Fire Department, as the Rank of a Lieutenant. His duty is to respond to emergency calls daily, however his task as a Fireman/EMT is to be prepared to respond to any type of emergency. As a result, some days he responds as a Fireman and on other days as an Emergency Medical Technician. With years of experience, knowledge and understanding of Disaster Planning, Artie has helped to open my eyes to the untold preparation a fireman must endure to protect the community in which we live. There are many days of training and drills that each fireman must attend and pass in order to be prepared for any and every
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