Comparing The Concepts, Principles And Application Of The US Healthcare System

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”The United States has a unique system of health care delivery. For the purposes of this discussion, “health care delivery” and “health services delivery” can have slightly different meaning, but in a broad sense, both terms refer to the major components of the system and the processes that enable people to receive health care. In a more restricted sense, the terms refer to the act of providing health care services to patients…,” (Major Characteristics, n.d.).

Concepts, Principles and Application of the U.S. healthcare system
The U.S healthcare system is comprised of both public and private sectors. It utilizes a quad function model (Shi & Singh, 2015). The four functions are financing, insurance, delivery and payment. Since …show more content…

Community health centers and self-care also fall into the category for delivery of these particular two types of care. Specialized care is delivered at specialized clinics while chronic care falls under a wide range of delivery options such as primary care settings, specialist provider clinics, long-term care facilities, and alternative medicine places…” (Wade, 2016).
How does the U.S. healthcare system compare?
In order to put the U.S.’s healthcare system in perspective regarding the actual quality of care currently used let’s take a look at two other developed countries, Japan and Canada and compare.
Firstly, it is important to understand what type of healthcare system Japan and Canada operate under. In Japan, they operate under a comprehensive social insurance program (Comparing, 2009). Every citizen is in fact required to have health insurance either through an employer or through government public assistance. An interesting note regarding the Japanese healthcare system is that since the insurance companies are non-profit and do not compete, every service and/or drug prices are exactly the same no matter what the insurance company is.
Looking at the Canadian health care system; they

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