Health Care Quality Improvement Act

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Introduction The need to improve health care has increases over the years. As a result several legislations have been put into place in different states as well as governments across the globe to help improve the efficiency as well as quality of health care delivery. This paper looks at three important legal issues with regard to health care that have been put in place to help not only in improving health care but also to promote health care. These legal issues include; Health Care Quality Improvement ACT (HQIA) act of 1986, a synopsis of General Staff Law Review and finally rests on HIPAA. In Health Care Quality Improvement ACT (HQIA) act of 1986, this paper focuses mostly of the procedure as well as the institutions tasked with Physician credentialing. It further proceeds to look at the effects of the HCQIA on exclusion of medical staff privileges, as well as the possible impacts of the exclusions. Health care has to be regulated and controlled as well as monitored more especially by the government. The major role of the government is to provide for its people, to protect its people as well as to look at the welfare of its people. Therefore in order to achieve this several law which acts as guidelines need to be put in place t monitor how health care is offered. Several governments and states have woken up to the realization that health care is too sensitive to be left un regulated more in the hands of business men. It is in health care environment that the government
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