Health Education Content Standards For California Public Schools Essay

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According to the Health Education Content Standards for California Public Schools, in third grade students will learn about three overlying topics(Health, 2009). These three topics are (1) Growth and Development, (2) Mental, Social, and Emotional Health, and (3) Personal and Community Health. Within each of these major topics are different standards that should be taught throughout the year. My research focuses in on the third grade Mental, Social, and Emotional Health standard 7.1 M: Practicing Health-Enhancing Behaviors. This standard states that students should be able to “Evaluate effective strategies to cope with fear, stress, anger, loss, and grief in oneself and others” (Health, 2009). I will be specifically focusing on emotional health for 3rd graders. Mental, emotional, and social health is defined as, “The area of health education that includes the ability to express needs, wants, and emotions in positive ways; to manage anger and conflict; and to deal with frustrations. This area involves practicing life skills, making responsible decisions, developing good character, following a plan to manage stress, and being resilient during difficult times” (Health, 2009). There are four essential concept standards in third grade about mental, social, and emotional health. 1.1.M Describe examples of healthy social behaviors. According to Jennifer O’brien’s power point notes on Mental Health, “socially healthy people can listen & express themselves, form healthy

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