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Introduction and Thesis statement Does an apple a day keeps the Doctor? I believe the word apple in this quote signify healthy eating, so the author simply meant to say, eating healthy will reducing your risk of having certain health issues; therefore you will not be making countless trips to a hospital. For example, did you know that the number one cause of death in America is health related? And one of the reasons for most of these health related disease is a pore diet. Just think, a healthier diet could mean a longer life-span. Though many individuals do not see the value or benefits of eating healthy, a healthy diet is the most important aspect of the human body. Why is eating healthy important? Before someone can truly understand …show more content…

You will be energized and complete daily task more effectively. A healthy meal takes less to fill you up than eating an unhealthy meal, which will cause you to lose the unhealthy fat. Overtime you will feel stronger, less stressed, and more focused during your everyday activities. Not only does eating a balance diet benefits you, but it also benefits your love ones by ensuring them that you’re in good health, and they will follow your example. Conclusion In conclusion, after reviewing all the damage that an unhealthy diet can cause to our body, it is clear to me just how important and valuable a healthy diet is. Not only to you as an individual, but also for your family and those who care about you. We do not have the power to chance someone’s eating habits, but we can inform them of the risks and benefits like you have just been informed. So, does an apple a day keeps the Doctor away? It sure does. Citation 1) A Healthy Diet. (n.d.). Healthy Forms - Healthy Diet Tips, Health Calculators and Getting Active. Retrieved March 24, 2013, from 2) Hendrick, B. (n.d.). WebMD Health News survey reported . Retrieved March 24, 2013, from obese and

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