Training Facilities For Rapid City Essay

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The small town of Rapid City, South Dakota has a population of nearly 71,000 residents. The main employer to Rapid City is home to roughly 3,500 military veterans located at Ellsworth Air Force Base. When the term ‘military’ comes to mind, an assortment of words come to mind. Deployment. Family. War. Aircraft. To some though, the word fitness comes to mind first. Everyone knows that in order to be a member of the United States military, you must be fit. Every member of the Armed Forces know that they can be called upon at any time to perform an assortment of tasks, and being physically fit is a priority. Nearly every military base has a gym or fitness facility, but who wants to visit the base after hours to work out? How often do you catch yourself watching the clock, waiting for the hour hand to strike four so that you can check out for the day? Because of this, fitness facilities throughout the city is a hot topic amongst military veterans. Towards the end of 2015, Rapid City was home to three small-scale fitness centers. Because of the lack of choices, of course it made sense to charge steep prices. In December of 2015, that all changed with the arrival of Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness, founded in 1992, focused on reducing prices to compete against the other well-known brands. The organization is an American health and wellness franchise that focuses on a casual, yet personal, gym experience with no judgment or discomfort. Their ‘no judgment’ attitude

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