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The human race is living longer, healthier than ever before. Take Hong Kong for example, where the older generation requires the use of hospital facilities more than ever. The UCH (United Christian Hospital) provides these services to the residents located in East Kowloon, where there is a relatively high concentration of the elderly, compared to any other part of Hong Kong.
Naturally, the geriatric patients in high risk groups in terms of
• Nosocomial infections
• Peri-operative complications
• acute pain
• Pressure ulcers
Therefore a more proactive approach is required to try and minimize any further injuries as a result of poor health and safety and mis-management practices.
According to the CDC (Centres for Disease Control), falls are
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Hospitals will be liable to litigation if an elderly patient falls due to a trailing cable, for example. In this instance, not only will the hospital be sued, the patient will have to prolong their stay, and thus, the bed/ward/staff resource(s) will be occupied to help the patient recover from the additional injury sustained.
To reduce the rate of falls of elderly patients by 25% from Q1 to Q2 2014.
Purchase a fall prevention system.
This system will have pressure pads in the beds occupied in all the beds on the wards. It can be enabled/disabled only by authorized staff. A risk assessment will need to be conducted by the doctor looking after the patient which will identify if the patient is at a high risk of falling if trying to do everyday activities (turn on TV, go to the toilet etc)
If the patient is in the high risk category then the system can be enabled. It works by a pressure pad installed under the mattress and it will sense movement. If the patient attempts to move off an alarm will sound at the main desk, alerting any available staff that the patient is off the bed and on the move. The hospital staff can then intercept the patient and hopefully prevent any further injury, and if required, assist the patient in doing what they need to do.
This system will be of great benefit to patients that are not of sound mind
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