Healthcare Workers Vs. Non Health Care Workers Essay

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Health care workers vs. non health care workers: According to Makely, working in a health care field requires people skills (personality characteristics that enhance our ability to interact effectively with other people) and technical competence. Health care workers are a part of the nation’s fastest growing industry. Unlike working in grocery or retail stores, health care workers need to be aware of what is going on in the industry (Makely, 2013, p. 3-4). New and very expensive technologies come up with health care every day. As patients need health care services ranging from emergency care to prevention and elective procedures in a daily basis, there is a high job security in a health care field. Uniqueness of the health care jobs: As per Michael A. Morrisey, the interaction between the companies providing health care products, nonprofit providers and third party payers tend to make health care unique. Unlike in health care, the other companies do not have all the above mentioned parties involved. Federal and state government contribute to 46 percent of the health care spending (three-quarters of which is spent to the Medicaid and Medicare recipients), consumers pay 14 percent out of their pocket and private insurers pay more than 35 percent of the health expenses. (Michael, 2008). Pros and cons of working in the health care field: Pros: Ranging from small town physician practices to large, urban medical centers, health care industry offers varied employment
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