Henri Fayol 's Influence On Business Management Essay

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Henri Fayol is a founder of modern management and he influenced business management in a significant degree. Fayol is one of the three classical theorists, along with Max Weber who came up with the Authority and Bureaucracy theory and F W Taylor who came up with Scientific Management. Henri Fayol (1841- 1935) started off as a coal-mining engineer at a large mining company in France when he was at age nineteen. Eventually Fayol became a Managing director in that mining company and hired around a thousands of employees. Fayol spent a total of thirty years at the company. After that, he devoted his life to management and this is when he introduced his theories to the world. Fayol were among the first to introduce management education to the world. He believes management needs improvement and it could be taught so he designed the principles as a guideline. He wrote a book about his perspectives of management in his book “Administration Industrielle et GeÂneÂrale” which was published in French in 1916. (Fells, 2000, p.345) This book outlines his perspective and principles on effective management in organization and is based on his own experiences as a managerial leader in a large company. His five functions of management and fourteen principles of management were discussed in the book, which are still relevant and are widely used in numerous companies in today’s business world.

Henri Fayol is no stranger to the management world. In fact his five functions of management that

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