Heritage Assessment Essay

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Heritage Assessment

Cultural heritage plays a big role in the economic, social and health promotion of the individual. The use of heritage assessment tools helps healthcare providers evaluate and look at someone’s heritage, as well as traditional health methods used to maintain health, protect health, and restore health; by applying these concepts it helps healthcare professionals deal with a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual beliefs. Different cultures have different values and beliefs of health, disease, illness, birth, and death; assessing these cultural competencies is important in order to provide a holistic approach. Heritage assessment tools helps both the patient and the health care provider by opening a pathway for an
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It is more of independence than coldness. So we have created our own traditions. Health and wellness is important to me and my family; our diet consists of a wide variety of American, Italian, Asian and Mexican homemade cooking about eighty percent of the time since my husband likes to prepare new and different meals. We as a family participate in modern medicine such as routine checkups and, preventive immunizations. The Romanian heritage assessment participant migrated to the United States at the age of 6, with both of her parents, one brother and three sisters. Growing up in a suburban setting, the person has maintained contact with aunts, uncles, and cousins; attended public school, and participates in ethnic holidays celebrations. The Romanian participant is married to a person of the same religion and ethnic background, and surrounded by friends who share the same ethnic and religious backgrounds. Health maintenance and protection is practiced by participating in well checkups, immunizations, sports such as soccer, and providing Romanian and American homemade cooking. The next participant is of Anglo American heritage with Italian descendants. He grew up in St. Louis Missouri in an urban community and attended a public school. His Spouse is from different ethnic background and shares the same religious beliefs and politically and socially

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