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Summer Schramm

Not all heroes wear capes. One can not identify a hero solely by image alone. I’ve never believed a hero thinking and weighting first on the morality of their doings at the given time. Being a hero or labeled with heroism is defined as “ great bravery” (Webster's dictionary). I agree any act of heroism is brave, but I also would state heroism as a pure act of “selflessness” (websters dictionary a concern more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own).

Acts of heroism are different from acts of bravery. People and even animals who are heroes go beyond what is expected of them, risking with no pause, their life, and limb to the need of another. Nearly all acts of heroism arise from situations that …show more content…

in the morning, but this day she left Banndit to stay back with our other dogs Hannable and Benny. To this day, she says she has no idea why she left him home, but she just “felt” it. She walked her same route that day but felt “off”. By the time she arrived home, her heart sank. She immediately ran to the blood covered door, panicking and shocked to find Banndit laying in a puddle of blood.

She called 911 and was hysterical thinking Banndit was stabbed. The entire house was covered in blood. She realized Hannable was limping and gushing blood as well. The dispatcher demanded that she leave the house in fear of the attacker still being in the home, but no way in hell was she leaving the dogs. Police searched the house top to bottom as my mom held Banndit in tears. The EMT’s that were dispatched were told to “clear” because it was “only a dog”.
Three heroes were bonded that day. A patron man who discovered during the investigation that it was an attempted break-in by multiple intruders and Banndit attacked. Banndit proceeded to smash through a picture window and we are unsure if his cut to his artery was the window or the intruder. The paramedic disregarded dispatch and stopped Bandit’s bleeding and was administering air to him and helped load Banndit into the back of the officer's patrol car. The officer raced ( lights and sirens) to the nearest vet where the performed surgery on our hero who lived to be 13 years old.

Many people

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