Hezbollah Essay

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Hezbollah (Arabic for "Party of God") is an umbrella organization of various radical Islamic Shi'ite groups and organizations which receives substantial financial and philosophical support from Iran. Hezbollah's formation was a direct response to Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon designed to eliminate the Palestinian Liberation Organization's base of operations. Hezbollah's stated objectives include the establishment of a Shiite theocracy in Lebanon, the destruction of Israel, and the elimination of Western influences from the Middle East.
The Hezbollah terrorist group can be described as a loosely coupled, highly adaptive networked organization. The ability of the Hezbollah and its affiliates to conduct increasingly larger
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The Hezbollah (Party of God) is a group formed of Muslims, mostly Lebanon Shiite clerics, is one of the most dangerous. Hezbollah refers to itself with multiple titles including the “Organization of the Oppressed on Earth” and the “Revolutionary Justice Organization.” Its main goal is the establishment of an Islamic government across the Arab world that will “liberate Jerusalem and the entire area of the present-day State of Israel.(jewishvirtuallibrary.org) The group formed reportedly in the 1980’s and grew as a result of Lebanese and regional factors. Hezbollah serves as a strategic tool for Iran and Syria while serving as an integral part of Lebanon’s political and social make up. Hezbollah is a major supporter of social services, operating schools, hospitals, and agricultural services for the Shiite citizens of Lebanon. (CFR.org) The group is headquartered in Beirut, with ties in North and South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. It controls the southern part of Lebanon where the concentration of Shi’a is greatest. The political relationship formed between the Palestinians, Israel and Lebanon helped to expand the group. It’s political strengths have grown since 2008, when the organization took over West Beirut. Hezbollah has consistently tried to paint itself as a moderate national liberation organization aimed
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