High School Dropout Essay

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In time, High school students all feel that class gets too hard for us to handle, or we get lazy of our work. This makes us feel like we need to drop out of classes, so we can't take on the punishment of what happens in the future. Some students drop out of classes that they think will be boring, and a waste of our time. We are all young people who still have people controlling our lives, and we are not adults yet. We shouldn't have the right on whether to drop out or not. We should have the decision when we turn eighteen. I have several reasons on why the dropout age of students needs to go to at least eighteen years old.
My first reason, is that we need to not have the choice to be dropped out until we turn 18 years old. When we are teenagers, we are rebellious at times, and feel like that we have the choice to make our own decisions. Some people might be more mature than others, but our guardians still have legal control over us until we turn eighteen. Our parents should be the ones who let us drop out on classes. We shouldn't have that choice until we are legalized adults. The teenage brain will always think it is right, but we need to be the responsible ones and not let our lazy selves make our own choices.
Another reason, is that dropping out of school is not right. It basically is a form of quitting, and no one wants to be called a quitter. When we start something like a class or sport or even school, we get bored with it. We also might not even like it, but that

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