My Best Friend

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Most people grow up with that one best friend that they do everything with. I had that best friend her name is Emma; I have known Emma since we were both born. My dad and her mom went to high school together and have been friends since. I was a year older than Emma, but we made it work. As years went by we were finally in high school and she started to date my best guy friend, Brandon that I’ve known since 6th grade. Then this huge thing happened, and I had to decide of, never being friends with my best friend again, or try and work things out. I waited for her to apologize so that we could work things out. Unfortunately, that did not happen and we are no longer friends. Emma and Brandon started dating junior year of high school. Everything was perfect, we were all close and hung out all the time. Yes, I was always the third wheel a lot, but they never made it awkward or anything so I didn’t really mind. They dated for about 5 months, maybe more, and one day Brandon told Emma that he was falling in love with her. She didn’t say anything back; which Brandon wasn’t too upset about, but then suddenly, a couple days later she just breaks up with him. I felt so bad for the both of them, but I wasn’t going to pick sides on who was in the wrong, and who was in the right. That was their relationship, not mine, but somehow I got put in the middle of it. Emma told me that she didn’t feel the same way about Brandon, that Brandon felt about her, and thought that she never could.

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