High School : The Best Of Times

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“High school: the best of times, the worst of times!” Schools today are vastly different from the schools that our parents attended or in some cases even the ones we attended. In fact, racism, violence, and abuse are just some of the barriers that students and teachers face throughout their day at most high schools across America. However, we have to understand that most of those issues are caused by the lack of understanding about the diverse group of young adults we see on a daily basis. My understanding of diversity is different groups of people with varied backgrounds and beliefs. With this in mind, teachers need to model for students and peers what positive learning communities look like. One thing that needs to be addressed early in the year is that everyone is equal once they walk through that door. Take opportunities to discuss different cultures and ask questions of students to ensure you are capturing their cultural background. Tying learning to something they already know is engaging and makes them feel valued. It also gives their classmates the opportunity to learn about and accept them. Howard (2007) said it best; “Change has to start with educators before it can realistically begin to take place with students”. Every child deserves to feel accepted, loved, and safe in school.
One group of students who struggle with acceptance from peers and sometimes teachers are those students who come from low-socioeconomic homes which makes them economically…
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