High School Track Athlete HIIT Program Essay

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With a track athlete they may be performing in various events throughout the day that require them to cover various distances or the procession of various skill sets. Events such as sprints may be 400 meters and require incredible speeds that may only be maintained for short periods of time. They may be involved with relays where they require coordination and pace matching for the baton to be passed. Or they could be a hurdler and require wait-high leaps on a repeated basis. No matter the task at hand it will require the combined use of speed, agility and strength in order for them to be competitive. I have taken some creative liberties for this discussion considering the detailed description for this discussion is “High school track …show more content…

It will require the beginning of the development of very specific capacities while allowing the maintenance of other physical achievements made during previous phases of training.3 This HIIT program will be fun but will require continuous demands from the whole body repeatedly and will only be repeated once per week for a 4 weeks cycle. Each part of the session requires an explosive movement of some type. Research has shown that incorporating explosive exercises will benefit the athlete by yielding maximum or near maximum rates of force development.3 By Phases 3 and 4 of this session the athlete, if truly putting forth the effort required, will be gaining greater maximal cardiovascular and peripheral adaptations.1 As these various physiological parameters are being pushed the athlete will begin to see quicker adaptations and stronger correlations with their performance.3 By creating the musculoskeletal strains, and pushing their cardiovascular workload, they will be achieving neuromuscular overloads that will force adaptations to occur. By manipulating these various variables within the HIIT session their body will be forced to respond. 1 To begin the schools athletes always perform a Total body foam roll session, which is then followed by a prescribed Dynamic Warm-up session this is a standard we has set in our conditioning among the schools athletes. HIIT Program 4 x 100 yard dash, these 100-yard dashes are run

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