High School Vs College Essay

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Back in high school I was kinda a bad kid at times but at other times I Would work. I was always lazy and horrible at finishing tasks like homework and such. I would for the most part do my classwork and do some in-class quizzes. Now, that I’m actually in college I’ve stepped up tremendously in my homework, quizzes, tests and projects. I’ve focused more on working on my attitude towards work and teachers, maintaining good behavior and trying to get out of old situations I got use to.
The attitude I had back in high school is way completely different from the one I have now. I don’t throw temper tantrums that start arguments with teachers anymore because now I’m an adult and so are my college professors, which means we all get treated just when it comes to respect. I also use to try to be a class clown in high school because I was young and just trying to show out but now since I’ve been in college I’ve matured past those kid stages. I realized that there isn’t enough time in your classes to fool around because every minute of it is important. I even took the all the homework I was given in highschool for granted because I didn’t know that is was extra practice like I do know in college. This was how you could view my attitude towards work and teachers in high school versus college now but my behavior was kinda similar.
The reason why I feel like my behavior wasn’t too far from how my attitude was because I was pretty much a bad kid in every class. Not like going out of my

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