Historical Reference Of Social Psychology

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Historical Reference of Social Psychology
Social psychology uses scientific methods to understand how people’s opinions and behaviors are influenced by the actual presence or the implied presence of others. Social psychology is an integrative field that builds the gap between psychology and sociology. Sociology, on the other hand, is the scientific study of human behavior. In addition, social psychology is a comparatively new field that originated in the early 20th century. In 1954 Gordon Allport nominated Auguste Comte, the French philosopher as the founder of social psychology, he saw it as a science separate from both psychology and sociology; he called it la morale positive (Allport, 1968). In this historical overview, evidence of how social psychology’s history was linked to sociology and psychology and the key researchers who made major contributions in the field of social psychology.
Social Psychological Historical link to Psychology Wilhelm Wundt and G. Stanley Hall are the two psychologists who were the pioneers in the psychological field. Wilhelm Wundt, a German psychologist, is known as the founder of psychology. He helped the field to significantly separate psychology from philosophy (Wong, 2009). He instituted the first experimental laboratory for psychology in Leipzig, Germany. He focused on studying and analyzing the structure of the human mind and consciousness. He believed that the human mind could be examined with the use of introspection; he compared…
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