History And History Of The Renaissance In The 15th Century

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15th Century Without the 15th century the world would look majorly different than it does today. The King and Queens, explorers, and strong religious followers made decisions that they never even knew were going to change the world and how people would live on earth in the future. The 15th Century was a century of discoveries, political, and social changes. It would be a century that would make the world a smaller place. The 15th Century would go from the Middle Ages to the early Renaissance. Massive events happened in the 15th century that changed the world in many ways. It was the century of internal squabbles amongst countries to the exploring of the unknowns. The 15th Century was a very exciting period of history, like when Spain discovered North America, Europe discovered new trade routes to China, and England rose to power. In 1492 Christopher Columbus from Spain would discover North America and because of that he changed the world (Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History). The culture of North America at the time when he discovered was very rural and basic very different from Spain. There were many different tribes of Indians in North America and many different languages (Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History). The Indian tribes were led by Chiefs and councils and Spain was ruled by kings. Christopher Columbus was sent on his journey by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain ( Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History). A monarch type government, typical of the rest of the

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