History Of Baroque And Baroque

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The following period of Baroque and Rococo become popular in Italy, France, and Northern Europe. In Baroque we see social, economic, and political change such as the church losing political/religious power and monarchs gaining power. New styles, forms, and patrons are developed such as the Bernini’s Plaza. The Bernini’s Plaza has a gathering group of sorts, where we have a rhombus and a circle pieta that welcomes and invites people which is described as mother church reaching out and grabbing the faithful. If we look into Bernini’s cathedral we see can see Baldachinno or little canopy which is over the relics of St. Peter (protects and marks spot of where the relic is kept. The little canopy is used to overwhelm the senses and to bring the viewer’s attention in. The Baldachinno columns are twisty and are heavily decorated with bronze to show how dramatic and decorative it was to catch viewer’s attention. The throne of St. Peter was very popular and was also a place where the pope would sit on during special occasions. St. Peter’s throne emphasized a heavenly connection. There was also a window that would let light in, and above the window were bronze rods that would reflect light which would have made the window very bright and beautiful on a heavenly level to show the importance of St. Peters throne and how important it was. Baroque in Italy was more focused on the drapery and in which direction the wind was blowing to make the drapery look like it was alive or real (tried

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