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I. Executive Summary This marketing service plan on Hong Kong Disneyland aims to give concrete recommendations for the improvement of the theme park’s service marketing mix elements or 8Ps. Other than the different recommendations, this paper also contains various information regarding Hong Kong Disneyland’s current situation as well as other related vital knowledge needed for the service plan, such as; Industry Analysis, Competitive Analysis, TOWS analysis and TOWS matrix. The industry analysis discusses the present situation of the different theme parks in Asia when it comes to the increase and decrease of visitors as well as these theme parks’ rankings relative to its competitors. The industry analysis also discusses Hong Kong’s …show more content…

There was a significant increase in the number of visitors in Disney parks in both Japan and Hong Kong. There was an 800,000 increase of visitors for Tokyo Disney while and 600,000 increase for Hong Kong Disneyland. This increase for Hong Kong Disneyland was mainly due to the rising number of tourists from Mainland China. New marketing strategies and additional attractions to the park were also done to increase visitors. Currently, while China’s economy is prospering, Disney’s plan to construct a new park in Shanghai is moving very quickly. The Disney Shanghai is set to open its doors to the excited public on the year 2016. It is said that the continuous growth in Asia will drive more success in the theme parks industry in the years to come. Other theme parks, such as Ocean Park is also planning to revamp their brand by rebuilding, expanding the park, adding new rides and increasing the park’s capacity. Ocean Park is currently trying to improve their recorded an annual attendance of over 5.1 million visitors. Top 15 Amusement Parks or Theme Parks in the Asia Pacific 2010 As seen in the chart above, Hong Kong Disneyland ranked 6th in the top 15 amusement parks/theme parks in the Asia Pacific in 2010. It actually showed a 13% growth while Ocean Park ranked 7th with a growth percentage of only 6.3%. Although theme parks with big names such as Disney and Ocean Park exemplified such growth in the last few years, the other smaller parks showed a

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