Hobo Dyer Essay

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1- The Hobo-Dyer map is a bit confusing; where the South and North are on opposite direction of the map I am used to. The compass used on the Hobo-Dyer map is different than the compass used in a normal map; the map is upside down. In terms of territories, the United States of America is located in North America between Canada and Mexico. China is located in Asia between Thailand, Mongolia, Nepal, and etc.
According to my research, in terms of population, China has greater population than the United States of America. China’s population is 1.382 billion, while USA’s population is 318.9 million. The following five countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council with their location on the Hobo-Dyer map: a- China: is located in the northeast of Asia. b- France: is located in east Europe. c- United Kingdom: is located in the southwest of Europe. d- United States of America: is located in North America. e- Russia: is located between south Asia and west Europe.
Size of Africa is much more larger than the size of Europe. Approximately, three Europes would fit inside Africa.

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I don’t think there’s a solution for this problem because it is mostly depend on the individual and their background. I won’t lie, sometimes I judge people by their culture not because of hatred but I think appearances matters today. For example, when we see fashionable people we tend to say they are rich or they come from the higher class in the community and vice versa. Sometimes we falsely assume about cultural differences. When people judge someone based on their culture, they are missing a whole aspect of their life that might be even better than the judger. In my point of view, there’s nothing called less ethnocentrism, because you eventually are judging people upon their race, culture, and

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