Homeschooling Disadvantages

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George Bernard Shaw, an influential Irish writer, once said, “My schooling not only failed to teach me what it professed to be teaching but prevented me from being educated to an extent which infuriates me when I think of all I might have learned at home by myself.” Many parents have latched onto Shaw’s beliefs and have made the audacious decision to home educate. Currently, there are approximately 1,642,027 homeschooled children in the U.S.A. alone. Home educating is an alternative to mainstream public schooling, and it is performed within the home through curriculums, co-ops, or online education systems. Homeschooling is advantageous because homeschooled children are proven to perform better academically, they can avoid inimical mainstream school situations, and parents can specialize curriculum in the best interest of their child individually.
First and foremost, when a student has a positive environment to be surrounded in, they are able to perform better academically. To start, when children are homeschooled, they continuously have access to highly encouraging parents who push them to do their best. In an article by Johnna Burns, Meehan and Stephenson stated that kids tend to achieve greatly as homeschoolers because the parents are highly encouraging. They also accomplish more socially and academically because adults typically view their children as advanced in comparison to other kids, causing children to live up to that expectation (7). Because parents see their

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