Honda Motorbike Vietnam Marketing Strategy

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TABLE OF CONTENT Part | Page | Introduction | 1 | CHAPTER I: THEORY ON INTERNATIONAL MARKETING AND INTERNATIONAL MARKETING ENVIROMENT | 2 | 1.1. Overview on International marketing | 2 | 1.2. International marketing environment | 3 | | | CHAPTER II: CASE STUDY OF HONDA ON VIETNAM MOTORBIKE MARKET | 8 | 2.1. Introduction to Honda | 8 | 2.1.1. Honda Company | 8 | 2.1.2. Honda Motorbike Vietnam | 9 | 2.2. Vietnam environment analysis | 11 | 2.2.1. PEST Analysis | 11 | 2.2.2. Opportunities and Challenges | 14 | 2.3. Honda motorbike strategy | 16 | 2.3.1. The advantage of product | 16 | 2.3.2. Honda’s social
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for Gillette razors, and for Coca-Cola drinks, there are important regional differences - for example advertising in China and Vietnam need to focus on local languages. Just as the marketing environment has to be assessed at home, the overseas potential of markets has to be carefully scrutinized. Finding relevant information takes longer because of the unfamiliarity of some locations. The potential market size, degree and type of competition, price, promotional differences, product differences as well as barriers to trade have to be analyzed alongside the cost-effectiveness of various types of transport.

The globalization of market and competition necessitates all managers to pay attention to the global environment. International is defined as the performance of business activities including pricing, promotion, product, and distribution decisions across national borders. The international marketing task is made more daunting because environmental factors such as laws, customs, and cultures vary from country to country. These environmental differences must be taken into account if firms are to market products and services at a profit in other countries.

1.2. International marketing environment
The marketing environment consists of all factors external to an organization that can affect organization’s marketing activities. These factors are largely uncontrollable,

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