How Can Create A Positive Team Environment?

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How To Create A Positive Team Environment
By Charles Kiyimba | Submitted On July 26, 2012

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Expert Author Charles Kiyimba
Ability to create a positive team environment is an important characteristic of any good leader. If you are in any position of leadership in your company, organization, institution or business, you have to build a strong team that can help you to achieve your goals and vision. In any place of …show more content…

You have to believe in your words and your promises. You have to be honest. You have to show natural respect for your staff or customers. You have to listen to them and ask them about their expectations, feelings and opinions.

2. Communicate positively and assertively.

Every human being wants to feel valued. You have to be sensitive to what you say and how you say it. You need to exhibit good communication skills whereby you listen to them, you are open to them, you respect them and you support them.

Always communicate to them assertively. Assertive communicators believe that the people they communicate to have the same rights as them. They communicate constructively and clearly and in many cases, they become winners because people feel they are for them. Assertively communicate the vision, mission and values of your organization to your staff to build a positive and lively team environment.

3. Understand yourself before you understand others

Most people easily see mistakes and bad behaviors of others. It 's very rare for them to realize that they also have much to do in order to connect with others. If you want to build strong teams that can support you to achieve your goals, then it 's important to begin by understanding yourself. Develop an understanding of self and how you may be seen by others including your colleagues. Know your strengths and

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