Team Strategy and Conflict Management Plans

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Team Strategy and Conflict Management Plans Kimberly Faagata, Carrie Firman, Dan Lyle, Stephen Nelson, and Dera Tennelle MGT 311 June 10, 2013 Penny Thomas Part I The purpose of this paper is to discuss different strategies for team building which helps is overcoming conflicts in a working environment. Based on current strategies available on subject, it tries to figure out some leading challenges to addressed, and extracting the best strategy for team building. It covers analysis of factors and measures for building up a successful team, which serves as a common ground for a progress in evaluation of best strategy for the particular purpose. Introduction Every organizational environment has teams, which refer to different…show more content…
As a strategy to build an efficient team it is important to have a good leader and for each individual team member to know what task he or she will take on. This is why communication is so important. The team needs to be able to communicate with one another. To communicate issues, ideas, thoughts and all other information that needs to be shared. Challenges or Barriers Some challenges or barriers that may happen with building teams are miscommunication, jealously, members may feel as if another member is not completing his or her share of work, and some members may not be used to working with a team. Miscommunication can lead to many issues. If everyone in the team is not on the same page it will be hard for the team to meet their goals and complete task. Jealously can also occur and cause a team member to not try as hard to complete his or her share of work. If this happens the entire team will suffer. One of the most common conflicts have been faced in working in teams is the fact that some team members may not contribute as much as others. This can causes hurtles and may even cause groups to form within the team causing separation. Another barrier that can arise is the fact that some team members may not be used to working with others and may not be able to trust that his or her team will complete their share of the task. Determining the Best Strategy When determining the best strategy

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