How Changing Nutrition Habits Can Impact Stress Management

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How Changing Nutrition Habits Can Impact Stress Management Stress is an important topic which can be connected to a wide variety of factors. Stress has been connected to failing immune systems, relationships, college life, and spirituality, to name a few. Not only is this an extremely wide subject, it is not paid as much attention as it should be. People find negative ways to react to their stress, instead of responding to their stress and evaluate what is making them experience a “fight or flight” response. The key to relieving one of stress would be undergoing stress management. Stress management can come in different forms. Planning, meditation, communication, and time management have all been shown as strong techniques which will …show more content…

While people may think that making a change in their nutrition is impossible, it is not. With a strong self-efficacy and will, changes can be made and will have positive results.
Making the Time for Nutrition
Further, the most common excuse for not paying attention to one’s nutritional health would be that of not having enough time. Our society is constantly moving and changing. In a study by Mazzola et al. (2016) in which data was collected from participants, it was found that: “Results indicated that workload and temptations around the office prevented nutritious eating; exercise behaviors were frequently hindered by workload.”. People are in a hurry every day to get to work in the morning and prosper throughout the entire day. While doing this, they are denying themselves proper diet. While in work, a person will be doing so many things at once with such a rush of adrenaline that the last thing on their mind will be getting a proper meal in. According to Mazzola et al. (2016) this will begin to turn into a habit: “…more nutrition barriers translated to poorer nutrition habits.”. These nutrition habits can be identified as skipping meals as well as having a pseudostressor, such as caffeine that will alert a person and keep them awake in order to cope with the high amount of workload they experience on the daily. In order to avoid this, people must make time for nutrition in the first place. Simply by waking up early in the morning to get a good

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