How Diabetes Affects The Functioning Of The Heart, Kidneys, Eyes And Nerves

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It is a well known fact that diabetes can affect the functioning of the heart, kidneys, eyes and nerves but few people realize that diabetes can also lead to dental problems especially in those who are past 45 years of age. In many cases dental problems in diabetics can lead to loss of teeth. This situation can be prevented to a great extent by becoming aware of the various dental problems caused by diabetes and taking timely preventive steps to avoid them. The main causes of dental problems are lack of proper dental hygiene and heredity. Diabetes only increases the risk of periodontal diseases and aggravates the effects of these causative factors. The problem with diabetics is that their bodies do not process sugar adequately resulting …show more content…

It can be done by following the glycemic index diligently. This is very important because studies have shown that people with poor control over their blood sugar levels suffer from gum disease more easily and frequently and they are likely to lose more teeth than people with good control over their blood sugar levels. Even children with insulin dependent diabetes are more at risk from gum problems. Therefore the best defense against periodontal disease is good diabetic control. In view of increased risk of dental problems people suffering from diabetes should also avoid situations that increase the risk even further like smoking and alcohol consumption. Dental and oral hygiene like regular brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentist are a must.
How to get the right dental aid products. When it comes to dental whitening products (and many other things), people often make the mistake of assuming that simply because it 's "natural" or derived from an "organic" source that it is somehow "safe." Salicylate - a natural plant-based hormone derived from white willow and meadowsweet - has been used for centuries for its anti-septic and fever-reducing properties, but it can be harmful in large doses, and even fatal to those who are allergic to it. Dental products such as salicylate free toothpaste and dental whitening products are safer and more appropriate to such

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