How Did Josef Mengele Affect His Family

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Josef Mengele is known as the angel of death.What did he do to become that and what did he do to get that name and how did everything Josef has done effect his family?Josef Mengele was born on March 16,1911.He was the oldest out of his siblings.When Josef grew up, he got a PhD from the university of Munich in 1935.Before he was a doctor in the Holocaust.Josef joined the military for a short time because Josef got injured and he could not come back to military for that reason.Not too long after that he joined the ‘national socialist german workers’ in 1938.That was when he wanted to be a medical service for the holocaust.
Josef got inspired by Von Verschuer. Soon after he volunteered to be a doctor in the Holocaust, but he did not get,has gotten to be a doctor first thing.Josef’s first job was to choose who gets to be gassed.That is how he got the name “Angel of Death”.Mengele was only 32 years old when he gassed 750 women in the gas chamber.The population who worked there had to get intoxicated to cope
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